USB Device Share USBDeviceShare : USB Remote Access over Network/Internet

USB Device Share lets you share USB devices and access them remotely over network (LAN or internet). Using this software, USB devices connected to remote computers can be accessed as if they are locally plugged in. Applications which work with the device can then be run without the device being locally present. USBDeviceShare supports only Windows operating systems.

Access USB devices over Network
Share USB devices and access them remotely over IP
Remotely access USB Devices
Access USB devices remotely. Run applications which work with devices remotely.
Share unlimited devices ! ($99 only)
Unlimited number of devices can be shared and remotely accessed using registered/full version.
Supports all types of USB Devices
Share all types of USB devices - storage, HID, audio/video, dongles, card readers, vendor specific devices etc.
Software based solution, fast & stable
Share USB devices using software technology. No additional hardware required.
USB 3.0 Support / Windows 8 Support
Supports USB 3.0 (Super Speed) as well as the latest version of Windows
Supports Virtual Machines
Supports sharing devices from VM Host to Guest
USB over Network Software

Order USB Device Share Download USB Device Share

USB Device Share is a USB over Ethernet / USB over Network software. It is a 100% software solution to access USB over network (USB over IP). USBDeviceShare supports all types of USB devices : USB 1.x, 2.0 and 3.0 devices (low, full, high & super speed).

Please note that a USB device shared at server can be accessed only by a single remote client at a time. Simultaneous (concurrent) access to the shared device from multiple clients is not supported. This is a limitation of USB bus and not of USBDeviceShare. (See Auto Connect feature of Client)

Supports all versions of Windows operating system. Supports both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Editions.
(Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 / 2008 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 beta)

See who all are using USBDeviceShare USB over network software: Featured Customer List

We offer 15 days money back guarantee for USBDeviceShare, Free support and Free upgrades for 1 year. Contact us at

  USBDeviceShare in Action

We recommend that you download and try the free evaluation copy of USBDeviceShare to learn more about the features.

Download USBDeviceShare
Download and try the 15 days free evaluation version:

Download USB Device Share Download USBDeviceShare
USBDeviceShare Manual
View the online help manual to learn more about the features:

View Help Manual
Product Datasheet
Download USBDeviceShare product datasheet (pdf document):

Download datasheet Download Datasheet

  Key Benefits and Features

  • Access USB devices from anywhere
    With USBDeviceShare you can connect to your USB devices remotely over network/internet. This helps to access devices which are not easily portable. Your device which is physically present at your home or office is safe and secure.

  • Save cost, Share expensive devices
    Share expensive USB devices with members in your organization. No need to purchase additional hardware. Use USBDeviceShare to share devices over network and cut down expenses.

  • Supports all types of USB devices
    All types of USB devices like scanners, printers, communication devices, storage devices, human interface devices, video, audio, vendor specific devices etc. can be shared and accessed.

  • Easy to use and stable
    We have tested USBDeviceShare with a variety of USB devices with a wide range of bandwidth requirements. We offer USB Device Share as an easy-to-use as well as stable solution to access remote USB devices.

  • Automatic sharing of devices (Know More)
    Devices can be set up to be automatically shared as soon as they are plugged in or during server startup. There is also an option to share all newly plugged in devices.

  • Deny sharing for selected devices
    To prevent users from accidentally sharing a device which should not be shared (for example the system's primary USB mouse or keyboard), the 'Deny sharing for this device' feature can be used.

  • IP Filters (Know More)
    IP Filters can be used to block or allow only selected clients in the network from connecting to USBDeviceShare server.

  • Supports callback connections (Know More)
    USB Device Share Client supports callback connections from the server. This feature is useful when the server is behind a router or firewall and cannot accept incoming connections.

  • Supports USB 3.0 (Super Speed USB)
    USB 3.0 (Super Speed USB) devices can be shared and remotely accessed using USBDeviceShare.

  How to use ?

  1. Install USBDeviceShare-Server where devices are present.

    USB over network software

    Install USBDeviceShare Server where devices are physically present and where they need to be shared. Shared devices can be accessed remotely over network using USBDeviceShare Client. Server User Guide

  2. Install USBDeviceShare-Client where devices need to be remotely accessed.

    USB over network software

    USBDeviceShare Client is used to connect to USBDeviceShare Server and remotely plug-in the shared devices. Client User Guide

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