Menu and Toolbar
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The toolbar contains shortcut icons to invoke most of the operations. Just hover the mouse pointer over an icon and a tooltip will describe what it does.

File Menu

Open - Opens a log file for viewing

Save - Saves the current log

Save As - Saves the current log

Export Utility  - Exports whole or part of log as HTML/XML/Text

Refresh Device Tree - Refreshes the USB device and driver trees

Exit - Exit application

Capture Menu
Start Monitor - Starts capture operation

Stop Monitor - Stops capture operation

Capture Hot Plugged Devices - Enable/disable capturing newly plugged devices

Capture Entire Device Stack - Enable/disable capturing all device objects in the USB device stack

Capture Directly to File - Captured data will be directly written to file without buffering in memory

Capture in background - Enable/disable background capturing

Capture continuously - Enable/disable continuous capturing

Clear all selected devices - Clears all devices / device objects selected for monitoring

Set Capture Buffer Size - Set the internal capture buffer size

Set Time Stamp Type - Select the type of timestamp to be applied : Precision / System

Log Menu

Clear - Clears the current log

Auto Scroll - Enable/disable auto scrolling the log while capturing

Search - Shows the search dialog

Filter - Shows the filter dialog

Set Trigger - Set a trigger condition to stop capture

Add Comment - Add comment to request

Remove Comment - Remove comment from request

Toggle Bookmark - Toggle bookmark

Show ToolTips - Shows/Hides tooltips

View Menu

Toolbar - Shows/hides the toolbar

Status Bar - Shows/hides the status bar

Device View - Shows/hides the device/driver view (left pane)

Info - Shows/hides the Info (Additional Information) view

Buffer - Shows/hides the buffer view

Performance Stats - Shows performance statistics window

Help Menu

Help Contents - Shows help file

Send Error Report to SysNucleus - Send error report / support request

Check for Updates - Check if new updates are available

About USBTrace - Shows the About dialog