Capturing a device object
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USBTrace can monitor USB requests made/received by any Device Object in the USB device stack. The Driver View tab of the USB View shows the Host Controller, Hub and Device drivers loaded in your system and their associated device stack. Any Device Object can be selected for capturing by checking the box near its name.

USB Driver View
USB Driver View

graphic Step 1

In the Driver View, select the device objects which you want to capture. The device objects are selected by checking the box near them.

graphic Step 2
Click Start Capture in the Capture menu or click the  graphic  icon.  Now USBTrace will start monitoring the selected device objects.The captured USB transactions will start to appear in the user interface.

graphic Step 3
To stop monitoring, click Stop Capture in the Capture menu or click the  graphic  icon.

graphic Step 4

To get detailed information regarding a logged transaction, click on it. The Info View will display decoded information regarding the transaction. It will also display the IRP, URB and IO_STACK_LOCATION structures associated with the transaction. The Buffer View will display any data associated with the transaction.